CLASSES                                 12

AVERAGE DURATION           45 minutes

PROPS                                     Yoga Mat/Blanket

DIFFICULTY                             Intermediate


Get ready to take your step onto a yoga mat. Designed for the true health lover, This program is broken down into slow, approachable segments where you can move into shapes safely at your own pace. You will explore breath, alignment, and how to create shape and movement in the body.

In each 60-minute session, you will understand the building blocks of yoga as our yoga instructor takes you through a step-by-step breakdown of poses and the language that surrounds them. These sessions will give you the chance to explore what feels right for your body, and finish the series with a strong yoga foundation to continue building upon.




"Thank you to all YogomFit teachers for being real people with real emotions and authentic practices and teachings." - Shilpy

Group Classes

1050 Monthly
  • Upto 6 Person
  • 12 Classes/3 Classes per Week

Private Classes

3050 Monthly
  • Only You
  • 12 Classes/3 Classes per Week
  • Specially designed program